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Thank you for visiting Pure Purrfections.

    There are a lot of changes happening here, and we really hope you like the new page.  Due to economic and political changes over the last few years, we have closed Pure Purrfections as a business. Our soaps were great, and getting our Coffee Soap into GNC was such an exciting time! But, unfortunately, Soapmaking is not extremely profitable, and is a very slow process. I returned to nursing full-time and downgraded soapmaking to a hobby.

    My goal is to provide you with knowledge, and share my experiences with you. Items will no longer be for sale and I will no longer be a vendor. The old website is entirely gone, as well as the blog. I have a new blog that I am setting up and will soon began adding mishaps and successes to it, and possibly recipes etc. My goal with Pure Purrfections is now to go "back to basics" and learn some old, new skills. I feel that many of the practices and skills that got us where we are today, are being lost and forgotten. I know for a fact, my grandmother has forgotten her pepper jelly recipe! And I should have known it long before now.

    We are still making soap, all natural and pure, but we have added a whole list of things and are changing our process. But I am learning to do it the old fashioned way. Learning to make tallow and lard.  I am focusing on canning and pickling, and gardening.

    The humor of all this lies in the fact, that I will be doing this "homesteading" from the comfort of my small two bedroom urban apartment. I have faith that it can be done, and I think it will actually be fun. Hopefully, if anything I say can help you in anyway, then its all worthwhile.

    So for now, Pure Purrfections is now a "hobby" and general prepping and homesteading, back to basics site and will be that until, well, until I give up! 

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