We are doing a lot!  We are sowing and growing.  We are making sauces and soaps and we mean business this thyme.  All links will open in a new page.

     We have revamped our Etsy Store which will now include soaps, plants and peppers. We have updated our social sites and creating an entirely new Website for A Lil' More Thyme.  Pure Purrfections will remain the same, for now. Our soaps will continue as normal until we get all the logos and labels updated etc.

     Be Sure to visit us at on Instagram and Wordpress where updates are coming weekly.  Come spring, we will be at the local Farmers Market when time and products allows. We will be camping and gardening and making soap. 

      Please check out our links page, which will take you to all things thyme related.  As always, we welcome any feedback!

Thank you

Tabby & Jimmy

What could you do with a lil' more thyme?

Pure Purrfections

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