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Pure Purrfections

Copyright and Company Information

     It has recently been brought to our attention that there is a simliar soap company using Copy cat versions of our soaps, and using information from this site and old information from previous versions of this page.  While the soap names and receipes are not copyrighted and its generally a courtesy NOT to duplicate other soapers products and names, the information and description of the soaps provided on this website are protected.

     We say that this company has copied our information because this information has been printed publicaly since 2007, and this new company has not been in business that long, and is not that far away from us.

     So when you are looking for our soaps under name,please be aware that the names may appear on several websites/companies.

     If you are looking for our soap specifically, or theirs if you choose, please be sure about the version you are purchasing and using

And please, if your choose to take hints or ideas from our site, do not duplicate them entirely.  Use your creativity and make them your own.


Handmade Soap


Cold process vegan handmade soap.

A combination of new recipes and old traditions

Favorite Things

Pure Purrfections is a handmade soap company that began in 2007 who not only makes soap, but we also enjoy learning and practicing a wide range of hobbies and crafts.

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